A Chat with Bali Wedding Florist and Decorator – Flora Botanica Designs

A Chat with Bali Wedding Florist and Decorator – Flora Botanica Designs

Beautiful florals have the power to mesmorise and enchant your wedding guests, they’re an essential aspect of your Bali Wedding Décor.

One of the many benefits of having a Bali Wedding is the opportunity to access the incredible talent bank of Bali Wedding Florists and Decorators. We’re in awe (regularly) by the amazing creations seamlessly (or so it seems!) whipped together by amazing Bali Florists.

Over the season, we’ll be interviewing some super talented Bali Wedding Florists and today we start with Tania, the Founder of the boutique company Flora Botanica Designs.

So Tania, can tell us about your lovely self and your love of Floristry?
I learnt everything about floristry from my Mother and my love of flowers began when I was around five years old.  As a child, I loved going to weddings and everytime I was asked to be a flower girl, I wouldn’t be able to sleep the night before due to excitement.  At every wedding in my childhood, I’d go around innocently picking up flowers from the table centerpieces or other arrangements and would arrange them at home in a plastic cup!

A lot of people think that Flora Botanica Designs is a big company, but in reality we are a small boutique company and we are as excited about our couple’s weddings as they are. Because of our small size, we have a hands-on approach to our clients. Everybody is special we look forward to our clients weddings as much as they do.

How was Flora Botanica Designs Born?
I set up Flora Botanica Designs because I wanted to create weddings that are timeless in style, but at the same time still reflect the couple’s personal style.  I want to know my couples well and not just be a vendor, but also somebody they are comfortable to talk to, to beautify their celebrations and of course create a bespoke floral and event designs.

Of course it’s hardwork to create a fresh wedding for everybody, but they say when it’s the passion, you are nailing it easy, and that’s true so far.  I am glad that for more than a year now, many planners and couples have trusted us to design and set up their weddings with Flora Botanica Designs, it is truly an honor.

What’s your super-power?
Have you seen me typing on my computer? That’s my super power ! Brag aside..

No seriously, Flora Botanica Designs don’t provide just flowers, but a journey.  I sit down with my bride and groom and plan. I interview my clients a lot, especially when they are sending me photos of inspirations from the internet. I love when they know what they are looking for, but I want to make sure that I know what they are looking for. The next process is that I sketch the concept, collect photos to create a moodboard and I guide them to visualize. If there’s anything that I don’t agree, I will walk them to my thought process and other reasons.

Together with my clients, I conceptualize the lighting, the furniture, ambience and describe the flow of the guests while describing the layout.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Travel, mostly, but daily is good food and taking care of myself. When I feel good about myself, I feel I can do anything. But I also turn to magazines (any magazines) to inspire myself.

Who is your creative muse?
Let me change the question to “what” (instead of who). I feel creative when I’m alone. My bathroom is not the most beautiful sight, but lots of “a-ha” moments actually happened there!

What floral trends are we likely to see this season?
I think we are more likely to see raw and unstructured arrangements. Wild flowers are getting more popular and frequently sought after.

What is your favourite flower of all time?
Roses and their varieties. They are classic and beautiful they come in different colours, shapes and sizes.

Bali has some incredible local flowers, what do you like most about working with local florals?
They are available all year round 🙂

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning a Bali wedding, what would it be?
Pick a Timeless Theme. Don’t sweat it too much. I know there’s a lot of pressure, but if you trust your vendors, they are able to be creative without boundaries and they will not be afraid to perform a magical job.

Little List of Loves

Best coffee in Bali? It’s not the coffee , but it’s the companionship with the coffee.
Favourite Cocktail? Dessert wine, please ?
Yoga or Gym? Gym (and solitary exercises like running or swimming).
Scooter or Car? Car.
Best place in Bali to relax and unwind? Any place with quiet infinity pool
Any secret spots or hidden gems you’d care to share? Munduk Village in Tabanan. Quiet with plenty of slow physical exercises and its unpretentious living.
What are you listening to? Piano Guys on Spotify.
Favourite Insta account? @lonelyplanet
What song changes your mood instantly?
When I feel unconfident: R Kelly – The World’s Greatest (started when I had my Middle School Examination, and had been listening to this when I felt).
Ed Sheeran – I’m in Love with your Body.
What quote or mantra do you live by? Everything is going to be Okay.


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