Every Bali Bride needs a Wedding Planner with Superpowers

We’re so delighted to introduce Becky and Kat, the super lovely and endlessly professional team behind Mango Events Bali. This is a duo you definitely need to make contact with if you’re planning a Bali Wedding. With the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, these ladies truly make Bali Wedding dreams come true.

Furthermore, if there’s one superpower you 100% need in a Bali Wedding Planner, Becky’s got it in spades! So, if you’re a Bali Bride, doing your research, this one is worth a read. Who knows, you may not need to look or read any further!

Name: Becky Rowe-Roberts
Business : Mango Events Bali

In a coconut shell, tell us about your lovely self and your business?

I am half English and half Indonesian, although I sound extremely English!! I have been based on Bali on and off for more than 10 years. I have been in events ever since I remember. I got a temp job in corporate events when I finished university and have been in this industry ever since, about 19 years now! About 12 years ago I took some time out of events and became a flight attendant for Qantas which was very fun and extremely liberating after doing corporate events! It was a great job to have in the interim as it set me up well for wedding planning. It really taught me about people and communication. With customer service and experiences being your number one focus I was able to really understand people’s needs.

Mango is a family business and I run the business together with Kat, my lovely sister in law. We specialize in weddings and celebrations of all numbers, sizes, religions and themes! We approach each event with a fresh outlook focusing on the individuality and uniqueness of the couple or person. We pride ourselves on the relationships that we build and nurture and the high level of service we provide. We take on a select number of weddings each year so that we can give our all to the clients that we work with. We are passionate about what we do and we really enjoy how varied our work can be. One day we are talking cake and ice cream flavours all day long then the next day we are trying to fit tables and chairs into a certain event space and have tape measures, floor plans and calculations going on!

How did it all begin?

After working for many years with Libby Doherty, who taught me everything I know about Bali weddings and the Bali wedding industry, I was visiting my family in Jakarta. I was talking about some weddings I was working on and casually mentioned that Kat would make an excellent wedding planner as she is so efficient, organized and loves all things pretty! We then started having pipe dreams and talked about how wonderful it would be if we could all live closer to each other. A week later my brother called me and asked if I was serious about the conversation we had had and I said “If you move to Bali, I will get the weddings”. And so Mango was created and within a year of that conversation they all moved over, the kids changed schools, they uprooted city life in Jakarta for island life here in Bali

What’s your super-power? And what’s unique about your business?

Super power…. My calming nature….. I’m very very calm. It’s also contagious so if I’m calm then you are calm! It’s very beneficial when we have nervous brides or stressed out couples.

Our business is unique as we are sister in laws, friends, mothers and business partners. We share a strong bond and a vision that embodies our different personalities, passions and strengths. We are the perfect yin and yang. Where Kat loves the creativity, pretty things, small details and has a head for numbers, I love understanding our clients’ dreams and vision, I love food and beverage dealings and all things logistical! We always dreamt of starting our own business that would enable us to channel our diverse skills into something creative, beautiful and something that we loved.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Our surroundings – Bali. Living in Bali we are spoilt with the beauty of nature around us. Clifftops make me feel free, rice fields make me feel aware and alive. The fact that each grain of rice has been planted by hand and by individuals who have spent hours and days in those fields bringing it to life and keeping it alive.

I am very much inspired by Tradition. I love tradition and how weddings have evolved. I love how in each country around the world weddings have their own format which honours their own traditions. That’s why I am always wanting to know as much as I can about my clients as I am fascinated in heritage! Ultimately our clients inspire us. By getting to know them they inspire us. Where they are from, what they do, how they envisage their day…. I love all the details!

Who is your creative muse?

Laura Ashley… renowned for her Victorian inspired fashion and for her English Country style of home furnishings, she encompasses the things I love! Tradition, clothing, lifestyle, homes, colour, patterns and flowers…. Lots and lots of flowers!! Her designs are weddingscapes, they are dreamy and romantic.

Why is it important to have a wedding planner in Bali?

A wedding planner knows what to do to make your dream come true because we have dealt with many wedding planning activities in the past. Consequently, a wedding planner will not waste your time, money and energy. Experienced wedding planners have the knowledge and ability to solve a problem fast. Meaning to say, you will have peace of mind throughout the planning process and be able to enjoy it.

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning a Bali wedding, what would it be?

Get an experienced planner. Be open and be relaxed. Don’t stress out too much and trust in the fact that nearly anything is possible in Bali! And finally to enjoy it.

How big a part do your couples play in the creative process – or are they generally happy for you to run the show?

A bit of both. Sometimes couples come to us with their own vision, Pinterest boards, site maps and even music playlists! They know what they want so we get to turn their dream into a reality. We have also had couples who have absolutely no idea what they want and they feel a lot better when we make suggestions and recommendations and make the decisions for them. Either way it is wonderful –That moment when you see the reaction of the bride and groom when they first see the venue in it’s entirety, it’s wonderful for everyone. It’s a moment filled with so much happiness and excitement, squeals, squeaks and hugs!

What’s the trickiest part about being a destination wedding planner?

Time differences obviously, mainly for those in the UK or America. It’s also tricky when trying to communicate some things that are hard for clients to understand due to Bali’s own culture and village rules…like.. sound curfews at 11pm, fireworks curfews at 9pm, banjar fees, expensive alcohol and rain stoppers!

For you, how has the Bali Wedding industry changed over the years?

Social media. Not just for Bali but the wedding industry everywhere. Back in the day a bride would literally come to you with her scrapbook of dreams. Where now that scrapbook is Pinterest and Instagram. Which is incredible inspiration and let’s face it, it makes our job a lot easier to have so many visual aids and that’s the best bit about it – merging your ideas. But there’s also the possibility of getting consumed in it, people can get confused and their wedding vision can change up to 3-4 times in the planning process due to the expanse of ideas and suggestions on social media.

Can you tell us about your most memorable Wedding moment or memory?

A really memorable moment was at a wedding last year when the guests said that the wedding was like something out of Vogue Magazine. I know how much this comment meant to the Bride and we were equally as happy to hear it!

Another memory was when we had struck up a really great relationship with the bride and groom and they requested that once the formalities were over we would join their party as friends. And so we did. It was great to actually experience one of our own events from the other side but it meant so much to be included in all the fun.

What wedding trends never go out of fashion?

White flowers. Timeless and elegant.

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