Old World Romance and a Golden Bali Bride

A sparkling gold wedding dress, tropical glamour theme reminiscent of the Beverly Hills hotel and an engagement which began by hanging a ring on a Christmas tree… gush! The romance of Skye and Nicholas is truly alive, and we are absolutely thrilled to take part in what is the most important day of their lives. Here’s our little chat with this glowing Bali bride.

Bride: Skye Farnsworth
Groom: Nicholas Goff
Wedding Date: 25/04/2015
Melbourne, Australia

Tell us about the engagement….
Nick proposed to me on Christmas morning – he had wrapped up the ring and hung it on the Christmas tree. It was the best Christmas present ever..!

Why Bali for your destination?
Nick and I have travelled to Bali regularly over the years and we absolutely love it there. We decided we wanted to have a small wedding, so a destination wedding was perfect for us as we knew that all our closest family and friends who we were inviting wouldn’t mind travelling there to be with us.

How did you choose your Bali wedding planner? What was her/his Super Power?
From the first time we contacted Sarche (from Lily Wedding Services) she was so helpful. She gave us lots of information and so much of her time, before we had even signed up with her or paid her anything.

Did you have a theme for the wedding? And was it a late night Pinterest obsession?!
Our theme was Tropical Glamour, inspired by the Martinique wall paper from the Beverly Hills Hotel. We were married under the most incredible arch made of green foliage, and had pineapples lining the aisle. For the reception we kept the tables bare of any fabric and had centerpieces with lots of greenery, pineapples and splashes of colorful flowers. My mum and I also sewed napkins made from banana palm print fabric!

What about the music?
Music was really important to us and we gave a lot of thought to the songs we would play throughout the day: the bridesmaids walked down the aisle to ‘God Only Knows by the Beach Boys’, I walked down the aisle to ‘’Crazy Love’ by Van Morrison… and when the ceremony was over, the bridal party exited to ‘You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oats’. The reception had a DJ who knew how to get the party going… the dancefloor was packed, which was all we wanted. 

Take us through your favourite memory of the night….
The wedding ceremony was so incredibly special to Nick and I, and was definitely the most memorable part of our day. Leading up to the wedding I was certain that I would be a complete mess walking down the aisle but it actually turned out to be the most exciting and special moment. I was so excited to see all of our guests there, and my gorgeous groom and bridal party waiting for me at the end of the aisle.

And your guests – did you get to spend time with all of them?
Because we kept our wedding small (49 in total) I really felt that I did get to spend time with everyone there, which was wonderful. We arranged a welcome dinner at Motel Mexicola a few nights before the wedding, and a get-together at Single Fin the day after the wedding – this meant I was completely relaxed as I didn’t feel stressed out having to rush around to speak to everyone on the wedding day. 

Everyone is dying to know how you looked so stunning. Spill!
For my hair and make up, I didn’t want to look different – just like ‘me’.. only better than usual! We kept my makeup fairly natural but with winged eyeliner and lots of lashes. I had planned to curl my hair and wear it out, but due to the weather decided to pin it back the day.

And that incredible dress….
I always knew that I wouldn’t get married in a white dress, and so when I came across my dress by chance on Instagram one day, I fell completely in love. I knew it was “the one” straight away and I am so happy with how it turned out. I felt amazing in it and still look back on the photos and admire how beautiful it was.

Skye, thank you so much! There’s just one last question – advice for other Bali brides planning their big day?
Hire a wedding planner. It is 100% worth it.

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