Colour and Joy overload at this special Bali Wedding

When we first looked at the images from this vibrant Bali wedding, we found ourselves grinning back at the screen, we could literally feel this couples’ pure joy – we could!

The effervescent Jeanette and Sean-Paul wanted their destination wedding to be as multifaceted as they are. Colour, joy and laughter were all essential as was a drum n base song Jeanette surprised Sean-Paul with for her entrance.

This Bali Bride and her Bali Groom will make you believe in true love. Have a peek, it’s worth it.

So you decided to become Mr & Mrs… Why Bali?
We live in Singapore at the time that we got engaged, and we’d been to Bali quite a few times for vacation. It has been one of our favorite places to visit, is a short hop from Singapore, and there are a lot of things about Bali that made it an attractive choice for us (cultural fit and diversity of offerings, the scenery, etc.). The perfect location didn’t exist because Bali is quite far from the US, where our families and many of our friends live, but it was the right choice for us.

How did you choose your Bali wedding planner? What was her/his Super Power?
I found Chimene on Instagram! Through a combination of Googling and Instagram stalking, I knew she would be a solid choice for us. Her super power is being very well-connected and quite in the know within Bali, and also being the strong arm of the wedding law. Sometimes you think you’re getting one thing from a vendor and then they aren’t quite delivering on that promise – Chimene was instrumental in being sure that everyone delivered precisely what we were after! She also helped us to source my vision and find the right vendors when we didn’t already have one in mind.

Did you have a theme for the wedding? And was it a late night Pinterest obsession?!
I’ve got an overwhelming number of Pinterest boards related to weddings. I’ve always wanted to work in a creative field like wedding planning / design or interior design or event planning. I’ve done a bit of it as a part of my work and had the opportunity to execute tons of trade shows, but by the time Sean and I finally got engaged, I knew precisely what I wanted.

Our lives are very colorful, and we have been blessed with some of the craziest opportunities. We’ve been together quite a long time, as well, and know each other in a way that most people only learn after they get married. That meant I wanted something like us: colorful, joyful, full of laughter and inclusive of the different traditions and characters that have made up our multi-faceted lives. With some extra touches that serve as shout outs to our own families’ histories.

Did you sit down for a formal dinner or party the night away with canapés and cocktails?
We had a dinner, but it was served from a taco cart – again, just our style. We sat down and listened to incredibly personalized (and sometimes embarrassing!) speeches from some of the people that have known us the longest, but there was a costume change to less formal outfits. We don’t like to take life too seriously, but we believe in giving room to tradition with a twist.

Did you have a special song to walk down the aisle to?
We did – Sean-Paul and I share a love for drum n bass, and it was one of the ways we originally recognized the other’s uniqueness and willingness to march to their own drum. I chose (in secret!) the song that I came down the aisle to. He chose the song that we walked out to. And I chose the song that we danced to. They were all a secret and, fittingly, we chose specific drum n bass songs that we’ve sung to each other a million times and danced to in the car and on dance floors across the world.

What was the most challenging aspect about planning a destination wedding?
I am ridiculously organized. I have been made fun of for my spreadsheets by colleagues, friends, and family. But I am a planner through and through – and it meant that I didn’t find planning much of a challenge at all. It was, hands down, one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life! I only wish we could’ve had a teleportation machine to get more of the people that we love there. It was heartbreaking to not have everyone with us on that day, but we were blessed to have my incredible friend Amber Marlow to do our photography and the amazing, talented people from Leura Film who captured the memories beautifully.

Talk to us about your hair and make up. Who was your muse?
Don’t laugh … Marie Antoinette. I love big hair.

Tell us about your D R E S S ?
Susan from Gilded Bridal, in my hometown Raleigh, North Caroligna, had the dress for me. I think I look awful in white, but I also thought I wanted a white dress for my wedding. I am so glad that Susan was there with Kate McDonald’s McLeod gown. Kate is from North Carolina, my dress is made of hand-painted Thai silk, and it was flown around the world at least 2 times before it had its big debut in Bali. It was and is truly an expression of my spirit and my life. Homegrown Southern with big colorful splashes of fresh blooms painted with care on the other side of the world and cut in NYC with creative care and tailored to fit. What a coincidence and a blessing that it all came together so seamlessly.

What was THE most memorable part of your big day?
The speech that my mom gave was so touching. Her face when she walked me down the aisle and hugged Sean-Paul. The speech that Sean’s best friend Jessae gave. The speech that my best friend Whitney gave. The breeze that was blowing. The surprise candles along the walls on the property being built next door. The laughter, the dancing – it was all an overwhelmingly memorable experience.

If there was one piece of advice you could give a Bali bride planning their big day, what would it be?
Start early, start a spreadsheet, find someone who gets your vision, knows how to tell people no to help you, and do it your way.

List of Loves

Cocktails or Bintangs? Cocktails.
Wedges, heels or Flats? Sneakers.
Suntan. Fake it or bake it? Come as you are – for me, pale and freckled.
Sand between your toes or poolside fab? Poolside.
Nalu Bowl & Green Juice or Eggs & Coffee? Eggs, green juice and coffee.
Bikini or One piece? One piece
Favourite Instagram account? @harlowandsage
What song makes you smile? “I Got U” by Duke Dumont and Jax Jones


Wedding Planner: Chimene Harper
Venue: The Palm House
Florist: Florette Bali
Photographer: Amber Marlow
Videographer: Leura Films
Caterer: LacaLaca, bar by Nunos
Cake: Butter Bali, Bobble heads from Hellominime
Furniture Rentals: Bali Event Hire
Hair & Make up: The incredible Kat O’Hara of Dollface Darlings
Sound and Lighting: Westside
Bridal Dress: Kate McDonald via Gilded Bridal
Bridal Shoes: Steve Madden
Jewellery: Necklace an heirloom gift from my grandmother, headpiece by Hushed Commotion
Bridesmaid dress: Kate McDonald
Grooms Suit: Custom by Coloc Tailors, Singapore
Stationary: Created by my wonderful husband, Sean-Paul Adams aka @digispa