Cocktail Party or Sit-Down Reception for your Bali Wedding

Let’s delve into some Pros and Cons 

Yay! You're engaged and you're planning an epic wedding in Bali! The options in Bali are endless and there are so many possibilities but one of the first questions you'll ask yourself (or your trusted Bali wedding planner) is would you prefer a cocktail party or sit-down reception for your Bali Wedding.

Both options are amazing and come with perks and pitfalls. It totally depends on your personality as a couple, your budget and how you want your Bali wedding to feel and flow for you and your guests.  Let’s dive in and see if we can help make your decision for your Bali Wedding that little bit easier. 

Cocktail Party Pros

1. More Venue Options

A cocktail event for your Bali Wedding will almost always give you more venue choices. Without the constraints of formal seating arrangements, you’re free to consider more unconventional or smaller locations.

So, if an epic view or lush rice fields are more important than a venue with more space, a cocktail event might be a good choice for your Bali Wedding.

2. More Styling Options

A cocktail wedding means you can go BIG on your Bali wedding decor by creating lots of different spaces and nooks for your guests to enjoy. You can play around more with informal styling too. 

From High Cocktail Sets like our  Hamptons Hi Top Set to our comfy  Palm Springs Lounge Sets to our  Magazine Photobooth – which is epic. We’ve got the biggest range of cocktail furniture on the island in every possible style.

Even though you’ve chosen a cocktail event, you can also squeeze in a few DiningTables or our Low Marrakech Feasting Set for those guests who need a seat. Placed on the side, your older guests or children can rest their feet for a minute and watch the event unfold. 

Cocktail Sets - Who doesn’t love perching on a cocktail stool to take in all the beauty of a Bali event.

These are a must for any cocktail wedding and can be moved in a hot minute by our amazing staff to be repurposed to suit the flow of the event.

Have some fun with Lounge Sets. This is where your guests will take a break from the dance floor, chill and catch up with friends.  The only question is, which style will you choose and how many can you fit in?

3. Budget Savings

Not in every case, but Bali Cocktail Parties can often be less expensive than a sit-down dinner as they generally involve less food and formalities including table service.  This also leaves you with extra budget to spend on wow factor extras like Fire Dancers, Water Drummers or Fireworks.

The only real ‘con’ to a Bali Cocktail Event is that there are too many furniture and styling options to choose from!  A quick stroll through our Lookbook and you’ll see what we mean.

Sit-Down Dinner Pros

1. Tradition

A sit-down reception creates a sense of occasion and grandeur for your Bali Wedding and lends itself perfectly to speeches and formalities.  For those real foodies out there, this is also your time to shine on the culinary front with full table service.

Traditional doesn’t necessarily mean formal though, table styling and décor can be elegant and romantic using options such as our Louis Dining Tables and Chairs with Chandeliers and candles or fresh and relaxed using our Capetown Chairs and White Dining Tables (pictured) with geometric or festoon lighting and loads of floral colour pops.

Your Wedding Styling options are endless.  Then you add beautiful platewear, stem wear, florals and menus and your Bali Wedding dream really comes to life.

2. WOW Factor

For your destination wedding guests, there’s nothing like the impact of beautifully adorned long Dining Tables.  All set to perfection under the Bali stars with thousands of twinkling lights illuminating all your personal styling touches. Ideas? We’ve got some.

Try our Magazine Photobooth or a customised photobooth with one of our uber-popular Neon Signs & Peacock Chairs.


Having your guests seated will also give the photographers the opportunity to easily capture your guests chatting, laughing and enjoying you both as you celebrate your big day. And everyone knows those candlelit photos are always the winners!

So, Cocktail Party or Sit Down Reception?
The good news, you actually can’t lose with a Bali Wedding. Whether you choose the more casual and flexible set up of a Bali Cocktail party or the refined elegance of a sit-down dinner, make sure it aligns with your vision for your dream Bali Wedding.  It’s your dream day, and the sky is the limit in Bali!