Beachside Bliss for our Beautiful Bali Bride, Leah

Our hearts are literally melting seeing the captivating smile on beautiful bride Leah’s face – her sheer joy, exuberance and smile which beems from her face says this is nothing but true love. Join us as we share in the before, the during, and the after of what was the day of her dreams…

Bride: Leah Camenzuli (Case)
Groom: David Camenzuli
Resides in: Dubai
Wedding Date: 03rd November 2016

Tell us, how did you meet? Was it Love at first sight?
We are actually both cabin crew working for an United Arab Emirates airline. We met on a flight to San Francisco where David was my senior and I, very new to the company. We got along like a house on fire but the love didn’t begin there. It was a year later in a dingy bar where we recognized each other from opposite sides of the bar and the rest is, as they say,.. history.

What about the engagement story? Can you give us a snapshot?
A year ago on the 13th of November, David and I, along with another couple were in Bali celebrating their resignation and big move back to Australia. Our first dinner was at the renowned Starfish Blu, Seminyak, where David quietly ordered a ‘dessert’. Within seconds out came a silver tray with flowers with the ring intertwined. I would love to say I clearly remember the words he said but in a flood of tears and feeling overwhelmed I managed to say the words YES at the right moment. Simplicity is often the most beautiful.

So you decided to become Mr & Mrs… Why Bali?
I (Leah) made the easy decision to move to the beautiful isle of Malta where David spent most of his childhood. Because of this, David without question allowed me to make the decision of where our day will take place. Our families come from all corners of the world – Sweden, Malta, London, Dubai. Australia was that little bit too far, and what a destination other than Bali to throw a beautiful wedding.

How did you choose your Bali wedding planner?  What was her/his Super Power?
This is one question which is hard to answer. A lot of the decor for the day was DIY but the major elements could not have been possible without choosing the best. We actually met our one of our organizers, in search for a celebrant. The multi talented, Greg Egli from Amethyst Bali allowed me to use him still allowing us to create our own vision. He was a star. He assisted us with catering, the bar and obviously officiating us on the day. Along with Greg we had Sharon O’Keefe (Savois Faire) who worked with us tirelessly from Dubai. She’s a friend, a colleague and ‘right hand man’. She coordinated the day and gave valuable advice. Both amazing people to work with, and would recommend them to anyone and everyone for their upcoming events in either Bali or Dubai.

Did you have a theme for the wedding? And was it a late night Pinterest obsession?!
Definitely a late night Pinterest obsession! I was concerned that I would rock up on my wedding day with bags under my eyes and collapsing at the alter. But honestly I stand by the fact when it comes to wedding planning it’s a healthy obsession and on the day you run on pure adrenaline and excitement to marry the love of your life. Who needs sleep right?! David, my husband (eeeek) was my right hand man through all this, sitting up late at night going through boards and pinning everything we both loved. We had a deal, I look after the wedding and him the house we are building back in Malta. But, we agreed on the concept of ‘less is more’ – simple, cocktail, untraditional white wedding. Considering we had so many people coming from all over the world. We wanted our wedding resemble a party. And that is was!!

How involved were you in the creative process?
I was involved with majority of the creative process… DIY at its utmost. When it came to furniture, Bali Event Hire was a no brainer. And everything else I got from Australia, Dubai and London.

What was the most challenging aspect about planning a destination wedding?
I think the only major challenge was not knowing how it will all pan out. But to be honest the people from Bali and who work there are such beautiful people I think it’s just the overplaying the worst case scenarios. I have no regrets planning a destination wedding, and would recommend it to anyone.

Talk to us about your hair and make up. Who was your muse?
I have to say my headpiece by Jennifer Behr was everything, the cherry on top. I based my hair around it and also having it down seemed the best and with beach waves gave that effortless look. As for my make up I did it myself, natural and very me. David said he would love me to walk down the aisle still looking like the girl he fell in love with 3 years ago. Plus, I must admit took me years to perfect the winged eyeliner and it was my moment to shine!