An Opulent Gallery Party in the Tropics of Bali

One of our fabulous founders recently celebrated a big and beautiful joint birthday with her hubby in Bali and we couldn’t be more excited to share all of the details right here. We sat down and asked her to share everything about what made this party what it was. She shared that even though she worked in the Bali Wedding Industry, choosing from the Bali Wedding vendors she knew and her own Bali Event Hire furniture (best known for Luxury Bali Wedding decor) was the most challenging part.

We love that Vanessa & Andy weren’t afraid to be bold with many of their design choices and created a party that reflected “them” – swapping entrees for canapes so that their guests could mix and mingle. As the sun set over the Arnalaya Beach House (one of Bali's Best Wedding Villas), guests enjoyed a night of delicious food and dancing under the stars, with every moment captured by Aggra Photo. So much fun!

Read on to find out all of the beautiful elements as we share the special moments from our sit down with co-founder Vanessa.

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Our guests arrived to the beautiful, mindful sound of 2 Gamelan players.  They walked up a long driveway (everyone looked fabulous!) towards our hand-carved Javanese Cermony Pergola where they were greeted by a Balinese Priest and each guest was individually blessed.

They then ascended the terraced steps to arrive at a stunning cocktail area where French Champagne and curated cocktails awaited them.  We chose to serve loads of delicious canapes instead of a starter so everyone could mingle, relax and take all the beauty of Bali in.

Queue the fabulous Lydia Rose to set the scene with some chilled tunes.  

We then had a gorgeous ceremony and blessing for our family. Me, my husband Andrew and our 2 girls Sunny and Bonnie.  The Priest also blessed our guests and our girls handed out an Amethyst crystal (the joint birthstone of our star signs) to all our guests to wish them happiness, peace and prosperity.

Next stop was our stunning dinner.  We had 3 long tables and I can’t even describe the beauty, you’ll need to check out the photos.  The FLORALS were beyond, our guests just couldn’t believe how stunning it looked.

Our food was next level.  Coming from food obsessed Melbourne, it was really important to us that the food was perfect.  We selected MNM Food Couture, and they didn’t disappoint, it was outstanding.

Next were our speeches and then 7 Fire Dancers appeared from behind the palm trees and did the most epic show.  

After this, we all moved to the back of the property where an entire outdoor cinema had been set up complete with Lazy Sunday Beanbag Sets, Palm Springs Deck Chairs, Marrakech Low Feasting Sets and bulb lighting zig zagging above us. 

Another opportunity to showcase our Bali Event Hire furniture!  

My husband had made a divine video of our lives which was so touching and entertaining!  We left the outdoor cinema and grabbed an Espresso Martini on the way back to the bar where we were met with a water drumming show – what a party starter!

From there, basically everyone was on the Dancefloor for the ENTIRE night.

Lydia Rose and Sammy Sax were the ultimate crowd pleasers. The dancefloor was full until we sadly had to say goodbye to everyone.